Gold-dipped Nordic Feathers [On A Wooden Base]

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Bring the WOW-factor into your modern home!
Nothing symbolises light and love like a feather.
Our gorgeous Gold-dipped Nordic Feathers are minimalist and scandinavian-inspired. They're a classic decorative piece that will add a modern ornamental touch to your home.


Our Gold-dipped Nordic Feathers are cast from the highest quality wrought iron and stand proudly on a wooden base. This gives them that earthly, modern feel.

Be inspired to write like a bard or soar like a bird with these nature-inspired, minimalist table ornaments.
Our Gold-dipped Nordic Feathers are reminiscent of the feathers of a dream-catcher, bringing peaceful vibes during the day and when you rest at night.


These Gold-dipped Nordic Feathers are way bigger than they appear.

Small: 9.25” (23.5cm)
Medium: 11.41” (29cm)
Large: 13.77” (35cm)




1. In your office/ on your desk.
Whether you’re a student or a professional the contrast of the turquoise and gold will brighten up any work desk and inspire productivity.

2. In a nursery for newborns and toddlers.
Add some cheerful finishing touches to any kid’s room with a unisex color-scheme. Just remember to keep them out of reach!

3. On your living room table.
These are the perfect table centre pieces this season. We promise you’ll have everyone asking where you got your feathers from.


4. Start your own Gold-dipped Feather Awards! (Forget about the Golden Globes)
These aren’t just gorgeous, robust ornaments, but can serve as unique awards to hand out at an office party or to reward sporting and academic excellence in your home or at school. And the winner is…!

5. The perfect house-warming gift.
Need minimalist, scandinavian-inspired gift for a loved one who’s moving homes.? Look no further than our Gold-dipped Nordic Feather. These will complement any room in any home.


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